Acoustic images for the workplace

Acoustic images and panels for work places

Acoustic frames complete with images for the workplace

- Images of your choice

Minimize noise levels with wall mounted sound reducing frames fitted with a printed image. System Standex acoustic frames and panels both reduce noise and improve clear speech in a space.

Images of your choice are produced on high quality printed fabric. Below you can see examples of acoustic frames in use in the work place.

Acoustic frames in offices   Acoustic images supsended from ceilings   Desk divisions and cubicles

Freestanding screens and partitions

Ideal for screens and partitions in an open plan area with option to change the image as required. Magnetic boards can be supplied.


Suspended from the ceiling

Practical solution for sound reduction without losing floor space. The graphics can be decorative or as functional signage.


Desk divisions

Absorbs keypad and phone call sounds creating a calmer work environment still allowing an open work space.

Screen walls   Wall mounted acoustic images    

As Screen walls between desks

 Absorbs noise from i.a. keypad and phone calls, and creates a calmer work environment without being separated  from your work colleagues.


Wall mounted images over acoustic frames and panels

Sound reducing wall mounted frames – improving acoustics and adding decorative and informative images.




Acoustic panels with replaceable textiles  



Product description

Acoustic panels covered with replaceable textile print. The fabric requires no tools to be replaced.








Aluminium frame – fire retardant profile and textile print


Manufactured to your specification. Profile depth 44mm

Sound absorption

Klasse A 0.95


Vacuum off dust and wipe with a damp cloth


Single and double sided

Frame colour

satin anodised or powder coated to a stock RAL colour


Free standing, wall mounted, hanging, free standing screens and partitions.

More Information about Acoustic solutions

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