Sentinel 2 - Slim and secure

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Sentinel-2 Slim & secure

Slim high security case

• High level of security
• Can be supplied as 4 sides, top & base for assembly on site if and when required
• Safety glass as specified
• Size and finish to your design.


Safety glass is fitted - 10mm (P5A) toSafety glass is fitted - 10mm (P5A) to15mm (P6B) ultra-clear diamond finish.

Door with fully integrated hinges.
The door is fitted with a concealed high security multiposition interlocking mechanism. No visible locks or handles.

Fully or part assembled
Part assembly on site allows for installationPart assembly on site allows for installationwithin restricted spaces.

Air exchange System
Air exchange rate of AER 0.1 one timeAir exchange rate of AER 0.1 one timeper day.


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