Fabric frames and light boxes

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Fabric frames exhibition stands

Stretched or tension fabrics for exhibition stands – modular or bespoke.Shell scheme enhancement – stretched fabric frames to fit inside the shell scheme.


System Standex have a wide range of purpose designed profiles for the construction of exhibition stands both modular and bespoke.

In addition we can produce single and double sided light boxes for the back illumination of the stretched fabric graphic as part of the stand or as a free standing light box.

  lightboxes corners     light box curved corner  
  Wall mounted light box Freestanding light box  


The illuminated and non-illuminated frames can be curved to give additional shape to the stand.

Our unique profiles and jointing systems allow accessories such as brackets for shelves and screens to be fitted as part of the system.

At System Standex we have systems that not only display stretched and tension fabrics but exhibition systems for panels to locate into and exhibition systems for magnetic backed panels.

Types of LED light boxes
 wallmounted light boxes    freestanding light boxes
Wall-mounted   Freestanding
 ceiling light boxes    build in light boxes
Hanging from ceiling   Build-in
double lightbox
Doublesided with or without curves

We have profiles depth from 68mm to 150mm to suit most needs and many environments.

Our led light boxes have been installed to display stretched and tension graphics for in store point of sale - large format light boxes with stretched fabric graphics for exhibition stands and display walls – showrooms and receptions plus museums.

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Light boxes for graphic panels


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Modular light boxes Light boxes    
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