System Standex was established in Denmark in the early sixties. At the beginning exhibition systems were the main business product - and still are.  

During the years System Standex developed several new product areas. Showcases, glass cases, and total museum arrangements as well as shop equipment. And the latest product area, machine guarding systems, became an essential activity at System Standex.  

The competence is based on aluminium tubing and profiles of own design, combined and build up with different special developed assembly methods, giving many opportunities for flexible products and developing of individual solutions according to the customers' need. The company has own painting shop and can deliver in a finish, suiting the individual demands.  

System Standex has own design department who constructs individual solutions on CAD. Today, System Standex is ahead in Denmark within the company's product areas. Moreover, they have build up a significant export worldwide. System Standex are members of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES).

System Standex emphasize on new thinking and product development. Latest examples are foldable systems for exhibitions and smart designed solutions for machine guarding.

Photo of our building, Herluf Trolles Vej 140

Office building, headquarters in Denmark