No touch hand sanitiser, wall mounting



Automatic touch free wall mounted dispenser

A quick and efficient method to sanitise your hands with this wall mounted touch free dispenser.

The hand sanitising dispenser is equipped with a motion sensor that responds with a measured amount of liquid when you place your hand under the sensor.

The dispenser is supplied complete with a black drip tray that also prevents the sensor from being activated by light reflections.

The dispenser is supplied excluding liquid sanitiser and batteries.

Dimensions: H 262mm W 123mm D 114mm

Batteries: 4 or 8 x AA (not included)

Sanitiser: gel or liquid

Capacity: 1000ml

Product Price:

A well designed contemporary wall mounted dispenser with minimum projection. This dispenser is battery powered allowing it to be fixed at your location of choice such as entrances and exits and other strategic points.

The smooth surface of the dispenser makes this easy to clean and the inclusion of a drip tray to catch any excess sanitiser completes the all-round effectiveness.

The dispenser is powered by 4 x AA batteries – 8 x AA batteries can be fitted to increase the time between battery replacement.

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