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High security display cases

The Sentinel showcase provides some of most secure features available in a glass display case. At the same time it is designed and manufactured to be assembled and /disassembled on site. This allows easy access to buildings and rooms that a fully assembled showcase would not. We offer showcases that perform to strict levels temperature and climate control.

We manufacture display cases that meet the specified requirements of humidity, climate and materials. We can build silicone gel trays in our display cases or install electric climate control units.



Standex Sentinel® is available as an upright display case with a side-hinged

door or as display case on a stand

• All sizes in widths and heights up to 200 x 200 cm

• Slender aluminium profiles (70 mm)

• High quality finish: polished and steel grey anodizing

• No visible handles or locks. Fully integrated hinges.

• Suspension rails for infinitely variable shelf positioning

• Portal base with concealed silica-gel drawer operated without affecting

the display case’s security zone

• The entire side of the display case opens so objects to be exhibited can be

assembled outside the display case and placed unimpeded in the display space

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