Hand sanitiser stands for bottles



Flexible stand with a holder that fits a wide variety of hand sanitiser bottles. The two brackets supplied can be adjusted as required or removed so that the dispenser can be fitted directly to the stand.

Dispensers that fit the stand include Purell, Plum, Katrin and Tork.

Easy to assemble using an Allen key.
See instructions for hand sanitiser stands here >>

The stand is 1500mm in height and the bottle holder is 90mm in diameter. For further information please contact us on mobile: (0) 7714 673 658 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dispensers, hand sanitizers and drip trays are not included.

Product Price:

Stand with holder that fits a wide variety of sanitiser bottles. Included with the stand is an A4 snap frame to take your message or to inform about hygiene and self-distancing. The message is easily changed – just open the front frame and swap the poster.Free standing hand sanitiser stands, these are easy to move and locate as required.

This has proved an ideal solution for hospitals and care centres, places of education, laboratories, production facilities, canteens, retail and many more.The hand sanitiser stand are made from light weight yet robust profiles with a round steel base for good stability.